Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Blood & Love And Other Vampire Tales

Blood & Love and Other Vampire Tales
Rhiannon Frater
Paperback, 152 pages
Published March 7th 2012 by Rhiannon Frater
ISBN 9781470178
Paranormal, Vampires, Anthologies
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Award-winning author Rhiannon Frater delves deep into the vampire mythos in her new short story collection featuring the beautiful, but deadly undead. Spanning a hundred years and a diverse cast of characters, Rhiannon explores the themes of loneliness, revenge, blood and love in seven tales. How far will the bloodthirsty vampires go to find love, revenge, and family? Discover the truth in Love & Blood and Other Vampire Tales.


Review:   Fantastic collection of short stories!

So, as many of you may or may not know, I'm becoming a huge fan of Rhiannon Frater and her writing style. Rhiannon has a way of sucking you into her stories, and enjoying every character that she pens.
The collection of short stories included in this book are listed below, I'll be rating all of them and reviewing a few of my favs.

The Whisper   4/5 Stars
The Two Mothers  5/5 Stars
The  Predator    5/5 Stars  
Vengeance   5/5 Stars
The Aspect of Her Eyes   4/5 Stars
The Memoirs of Moniki the Great  4/5 Stars
Blood and Love  4/5 Stars

The Two Mothers

I really enjoyed this short story. Without spoiling the story for you, I will say I enjoyed the depth of the characters, and the emotions I felt where mixed. A feeling of despair, love, pain, and of self satisfaction crossed my thoughts reading  this short. A mothers love for her child, and  the desperation in her actions. A vampires desperation to mother a child. How two beings come together all for the love and protection of a child.

The Predator

This story, for me was probably the most relateable. I'm sure many can and will relate to this story.
As I myself have been through the same situation as the female character in this story. A male worker who is jealous, or wants attention from you is a definite relateable subject. Sexual  or any harassment should never be tolerated from any male.
As the hunted becomes the hunter....
I really enjoyed how the story ended!

Another fantastic short, Vengeance says it all. Another woman being harassed this time by her husband, ruthless bastard that he is left her for dead but not before she is saved, by the ultimate predator.
A perfect payback as she shows him what it feels like to be tortured.

The other shorts are very well executed and you will breeze through this book in no time. 4/5 Stars   



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