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Guest Post + Giveaway: Author Jeremy Laszlo

Hi guys! Look who's joining me today, author of the Blood and Brotherhood Saga, Jeremy Laszlo!
Check out his guest post and don't forget to enter the giveaway below.
 Jeremy is giving 5 winners a Kindle e-book copy of his first book, The Choosing!

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The Chosen (Blood and Brotherhood, #2)The Choosing (Blood and Brotherhood, #1)

The Birth of The Blood and Brotherhood Saga.

I grew up reading fantasy novels like so many other children do and found them inspiring, each of them lighting a fire in my imagination I longed to keep burning forever.  The people and places you visit between the covers of a good book have always been an escape for me and to this day I read fantasy novels more often then not.  I have read more fantasy books than I dare to count, however if I were to guess I would say no less than two thousand or so books.  As I read I often wonder about things within the books that are often not explained.  As a staple of nearly all fantasy books magic is a prevalent theme, yet often the source of the magic is obscure.  The reason for the magic is left unexplained.  The consequences of using magic too is often left out, and all these things I ponder whilst I read.

I began writing The Blood & Brotherhood Saga several years ago as the story had been playing out in my head for what seemed like an eternity.  I knew the story as if I had witnessed it myself.  I knew the characters as if we had regular meals together and spoke frequently.  I knew the world they lived upon, as I had created it with my own imagination leaving no detail, reason, or consequence obscure.  I wanted to create for readers a fantasy experience that left no questions unanswered.  I did not want to use the "because there just was" logic to magic.  Everything had to have a reason and a source.  Everything needed to be woven precisely leaving no holes in the story.  Everything had to create a cycle of sorts, tying in all reasoning's and logic into the story to make it more believable than any other fantasy world I had ever visited.  Thus I created Thurr.

Imagine if you will, a world created by many gods each equally powerful, each of them working towards the same goals.  All of the gods give from themselves an equal portion of the life force that sustains them to create the world and all life upon it.  As the world flourishes, as civilizations grow and prosper the gods watch.  As the peoples of Thurr grow in population and expand territories are created and disputes lead to battles and wars.  As the peoples upon the world perish, the life gifted to them returns to the gods.  The gods watch and study their creations and begin to realize that the lives they have made are complex and show attributes and traits that are unknown and unexpected by the gods.  Out of want of these experiences and attributes the gods decide to walk among the races of mankind, hiding in the flesh of mortals.  All the lessons of man are learned in secret, before returning to the immortal plane, but one god learns something unexpected and she uses the knowledge to her advantage.

Becoming more powerful than any one of the other gods through the use of her secret the goddess attempts to subvert her peers, but she is not powerful enough.  Detained in the plane of the immortals the goddess must watch as her peers return to Thurr to reveal themselves to the races of men.  Once there, the gods create champions among men, lending them more life power and great abilities.  Wars among the races of men erupt across the face of the world as nearly all of the goddess' followers are slain, yet as each of them dies her power grows.  However she is bound to the world of Thurr, and being detained she can gain no more followers, and as the other gods' followings flourish over centuries, her power wanes having no more followers.  Once again all of the gods are equals save the goddess who betrayed them.  To keep their equality however the gods keep champions upon Thurr to provide balance.

The goddess who betrayed her peers finds a flaw in the other gods' thinking and decides to create a champion of her own, but weakened as she is, she cannot sustain a champion on her own.  Thus she makes a pact with a mortal, to him unlimited magical power, but the power has a price and a burden.

Imagine yourself in a world where there are many gods you can chose to serve.  Though you do not have to serve any of them, by serving one you might be blessed with great powers or abilities.  For you the sacrifice is minuscule, in fact you will not notice the price you pay for the power at all when serving most of the gods.  What if you were not inclined to serve a god though?  What if you did not trust the gods?  What if you found yourself again and again in impossible situations where the only viable solution seems to be service to a god?  What if that god promised to help you?  What if they offered you unlimited magical power unlike anything ever seen before upon the face of the world?  What if you could become the most powerful, most feared person to walk the earth?  What would you sacrifice?  What would you give?  Would you care where the power came from?  What would you do with it?

You need to visit Thurr.  Take a journey with Seth and Garret and see what paths they choose.  What you find will be sure to surprise you.  What story would be complete without a strong woman you may ask?  None!  That is why you might like to get to know Sara, she is entirely too mischievous for her own good, but who doesn't like a naughty girl?  Meet the gods, meet those who worship them, meet the champions of Thurr, and witness the birth of Vampires and Werewolves unlike you have ever before imagined.

Jeremy Laszlo

The Blood & Brotherhood Saga Starts here:
The Choosing (Book 1 of The Blood & Brotherhood Saga)
Te Chosen (Book 2 of The Blood & Brotherhood Saga)
The Changing (Book 3 of The Blood & Brotherhood Saga)

Thank you Lisa for allowing me the amazing opportunity to connect with all the wonderful people who follow your blog. 
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  1. Thanks again for Having me Lisa, and of course, good luck to everyone who enters to win!

  2. My favorite book is anything lol i love all books cant love just one.

  3. Great post! The Choosing sounds really well-thought out! My favorite fantasy read are the Sword of Truth books by Goodkind. (for now)

  4. I have not heard about this book, but it's got interesting cover. Sometimes, a cover is enough endorsement for me to try a book.

    1. I forgot to say that my favorite fantasy book is Eye of The Dragon.