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No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark, #3)In this next installment in the Immortals After Dark Series, USA Today Bestselling author Kresley Cole delivers a scorching tale about a forbidding vampire who lives in the shadows and the beautiful assassin who hunts him there.

A soldier weary of life . . .
Centuries ago, Sebastian Wroth was turned into a vampire – a nightmare in his mind – against his will. Burdened with hatred and alone for ages, he sees little reason to live. Until an exquisite, fey creature comes to kill him, inadvertently saving him instead.

A Valkyrie assassin dispatched to destroy him . . .
When Kaderin the Cold Hearted lost her two beloved sisters to a vampire attack long ago, a benevolent force deadened her sorrow – accidentally extinguishing all of her emotions. Yet whenever she encounters Sebastian, her feelings – particularly lust – emerge multiplied. For the first time, she's unable to complete a kill.

Become competitors in a legendary hunt.
The prize of the month-long contest is powerful enough to change history, and Kaderin will do anything to win it for her sisters. Wanting only to win her, forever, Sebastian competes as well, taking every opportunity – as they travel to ancient tombs and through catacombs, seeking relics around the world – to use her new feelings to seduce her. But when forced to choose between the vampire she's falling for and reuniting her family, how can Kaderin live without either. ~goodreads

Scorching, Passionate, Heated
An erotic, action-fused, turn-paging book!

Kaderin, ruthless, Valkyrie warrior stops at nothing for the kill. Her nickname says it all, Cold Hearted!
 So nothing seems any different, when she enters the castle of another vampire, she's set out to kill. But, this vampire being so unlike the others welcomes her kill.

Sebastian  has wanted to die for so long, hating his own exsitence for centuries. Never fully accepting being turned into a vampire, by his brother. Living a secluded life, alone, he is more than ready to die, but things turn rather quickly when he lays eyes upon Kaderin. Something changes in him and he soon finds himself feeling again. Kaderin seeing something different in his eyes, is confused and decides to spare him.
Passionate heat ignites and she runs from him, only to find herself wrought with feelings for him. Sebastian's heart is feeling and beating again, and he knows that she is his, forever. A pursuit of sorts begins as he aches to see her again.

Kaderin being the ever cold hearted decides to dismiss the feelings that have ignited within her for the first time in centuries. She "feels" again and sees things in a new light. That doesn't stop her from pursuing the one thing she has longed for. The only way she can get what she wants is to attend and win the Hie, an immortal and dangerous version of  Amazing Race of sorts, with the prize being in the form of a key. A key that reverses and changes the past. The key is coveted by all who attend and everyone attending having their own agenda's for winning this key will have to "race" and fight each other to gather each item necessary to win and advance to the next mission.

That does not change the fact that Sebastian needs and wants to find her in the worse way. Being a vampire he traces to her, over and over again, a feat that is unheard of. He needs to be with her and does everything in his power to be with her and help her win this key, though she refuses him she grows to enjoy his ruthless attempts at winning her over.

The Hie turns more and more dangerous as the missions the competitors must fufill to win a place in the finals, grow increasingly more dangerous and deadly. Can Kaderin, the ruthless winner of many Hie tournaments of the past win this time? Will Sebastian "win" her over, or is all lost as one of Kaderin's own coven sister predict a future laced with death?

*A heated passionate tug of wars of sorts between Kaderin and Sebastian ignites this book into flames.
 Kresley Cole pours pure gold into this book, and turns it into a winner. As great as the first book was, this second installment is amazing. All the elements that I enjoy reading about are present, and I am looking forward to the next installment of the Immortals after Dark Series,
Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night.

*5 stars/rated R           



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