Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward / My Review

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3)                                                                               

Mass Market Paperback, 434 pages
Published September 5th 2006 by Signet
0451219368 (ISBN13: 9780451219367)
edition language
original title
Lover Awakened
Paranormal Romance

A former blood slave, the vampire Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Renowned for his unquenchable fury and sinister deeds, he is a savage feared by humans and vampires alike. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion—until he rescues a beautiful aristocrat from the evil Lessening Society.

Bella is instantly entranced by the seething power Zsadist possesses. But even as their desire for one another begins to overtake them both, Zsadist’s thirst for vengeance against Bella’s tormentors drives him to the brink of madness. Now, Bella must help her lover overcome the wounds of his tortured past, and find a future with her... goodreads


My Review:   A must read series! You will fall for this tortured hero within the first few chapters.    *Favorite

This is book three, in the continuing series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and I must say it is the best so far. The story is centered around Zhadist. A tortured, moody, son of a b, who oozes sex appeal. Z has been put thru alot of torture in his past and it effects every aspect of his being with his present.
A ruthless, withdrawn, angry Brother he must come to terms with his feelings for Isabella, a beautiful,  Aristocrat vampire, who is imprisoned by a lesser. Lesser's are killers of vamps, and Z is tortured with the fact that he cannot find Bella and save her from the Lesser.

 A manhunt is soon underway and the Brothers soon find the badly tortured Bella. Z will stop at nothing to save her and helps her heal her wounds and cares for her, and soon deeper feelings are surfaced for Bella. He knows she is too good for him, and his past has come back to haunt him.
 Can he put his past demons behind him and fall for the beautiful Bella? Can he kill the Lesser who brutalized Bella in time before he comes back to reclaim what he thinks is his? Can the Brothers overcome a great sadness and loss, to be able to continue being the protectors that they have trained to be? Will a Brother have to choose the ultimate sacrifice and lose everything now that he has found something to live for?

 Find out and read this exciting, hard to put down, turn paging, continuing story of the ruthless, strong, Brothers, of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

5/5 Stars

♥Favorite quote ♥
 ~I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came... and I was awakened.
♥ ~ Z, BDB series



  1. It seems that everyone loves Z and that quote...Me included. Great review!

  2. That was my favorite of the first three too. Love Z! That reminds me that I should pick up the next one...hmmmm :)

    1. I'll be reading the next one, next week! Hopefully...