Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Cover Release - Into The Woods by Kim Harrison

~From Kim Harrison's blog page, in her own words...

"Isn’t is beautiful?  I’m loving it!  It’s feels too soon to be letting this lose to you guys, but it was leaked early and since I’ve got you all here . . .  why not?  If you have not heard, this is the Harrison anthology that will contain all the shorts and novellas previously published in various formats.  It will also contain a lot of new stuff–stuff that I pulled together as possible series material for after the Hollows.  (More on that later.)
The novella of Jenks and Trent’s elf quest to steal Lucy is in here in its Trent POV glory.  I’ve also got a novella revolving around Grace.  Long-time haunters of the drama box may remember me talking about her before.  This is not the Grace I would be writing about, but a younger, less jaded Grace.  There’s a third novel-length piece concerning Meg, another possible series.  And again, Meg is much younger than she would be if I pursue her story.  It’s her mom and grandmother who this story revolves around, but we do get to see her.
A few other shorts round it out, so there is a lot of new stuff to go with the old.  It’s already up for pre-order, if you can believe it, though it won’t be out until October.  And yes, I do believe it will be released as an e-book."  ~Kim Harrisson

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  1. Omg I've had this series on my TBR list for like ages I really have to read them! I love the covers. This one is so dark and spooky!!

    1. I recently read the first book, Dead Witch Walking, It's good, but at times slow. Middle/ending was better. I look at it as her Freshmen starter book.

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