Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't Bite The Messenger - Book Review

Don't Bite The Messenger ~Regan Summers

Sydney, a human courier for the vampires of Alaska, has stayed alive in the business because she does her job with professionlism. Never anger the vamps is her motto. Never get into a situation you cannot get out of, and never let them bite you. Syndney tires of her job with the undead, and always looking over her shoulder. She dreams of moving to Hawaii and letting go of her past life to start anew.
Sydney meets a mysterious man, Malcom. Malcom, dresses with class, and evokes a sense of sexual magnetisim toward Sydney. Mysterious and unrelenting, she finds him hard to forget, though they barely know each other after a few chance meetings.
Sydney makes a life changing decision and is wondering if she made the right one. When something or someone is after her, the life she may have maybe lost forever. Will a hero appear, to help save her. Will she fall for the very likes of the beings she so despises. Questions left unanswered, as a to be continued in the next book of this new paranormal series.

*This book had a great start and I found myself really interested in the story. Although, I felt the story was thrown at you at a fast pace, and details were left out, I could oversee them and loved the way the story builds up and becomes more and more interesting after each turn. This novella, left you wanting more, and hopefully the author will write the next book soon. The ending had the fast paced, storyline that I love. The connection between Sydney And Malcom and what evolves between these two, left me hungry for more.

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