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Feature Friday Author ~Lara Adrian



The New York Times and
#1 internationally bestselling series!

Prepare for seduction as Lara Adrian unleashes a dark new breed of vampire . . .
Part human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind for thousands of years, maintaining a tentative peace built on secrecy, power, and the dark justice carried out by the formidable warriors of the Order.
But now, a blood war within the race is set to ignite. Vampires are going Rogue in startling numbers, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. It is up to the Order to stop the spreading threat of Rogue domination--and in so doing, each of the warriors will be forced to confront private demons, darkest secrets, deepest fears. Some will know triumph, some will know loss, but each warrior can count on one thing: Love, when it finds him, will often come at the worst possible moment, with the least likely woman . . . and it will bring each of these powerful males to his knees.

Kiss of Midnight - Book 1          Kiss of Crimson - Book 2         Midnight Awakening - Book 3        Midnight Rising - Book 4        Veil of Midnight - Book 5

Ashes of Midnight - Book 6        Shades of Midnight - Book 7           Taken by Midnight - Book 8       Deeper Than Midnight - Book 9        A Taste of Midnight (Novella)

Darker After Midnight - Book 10      Untitled - Book 11          Untitled - Book 12      More to come....


Lara AdrianAs a child, Lara Adrian used to sleep with the covers up around her neck, afraid she might become the midnight prey of deadly vampires. Later on, under the influence of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, she had to wonder if her fear wasn't actually something else: a secret desire to walk in a darker world, to live a dangerous and sensual dream with a man of seductive, preternatural power. It is that twining of fear and desire that fuels Lara's own fantasies today, and the idea that she explores in her New York Times bestselling Midnight Breed series of vampire romance novels from Bantam Dell Books.
With an ancestry stretching back to the Mayflower and the court of King Henry VIII, Lara Adrian lives with her husband in New England, surrounded by centuries-old graveyards, hip urban comforts, and the endless inspiration of the broody Atlantic Ocean.

*My Review~
The Midnight Breed series, was one of my first introductions into the Paranormal Romance genre. I decided to read this series after reading many reviews about it being so good. I also wanted to read this series before I read another series, that was similar to this one, Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. I'm glad I read this one first, because they are similar, but each author has a unique style of writing and I found Adrian's writing style to be easier to read and commit myself to. The Breed are a group of warrior vamps, who maintain peace between humans, and other vamps. They are a sexy, strong group, who fight together for a good cause. The series of course has romance and it comes in the form of the Breed meeting their mates. Breedmates are human females gifted with unique blood and DNA properties, they have a birthmark in the form of a teardrop falling into the bowl of a crescent moon; the females posses special powers. Of course, no series can be complete without the bad guys. They come in the form of The Ancients, and those that decended from this unique race, now not all decendents are evil, but the ones that are are really throw a wrench in the Breeds existence. Each book is a continuation storyline and should be read in order, each book is also a different Breed members story, and the breedmate he may come to fall for. Not all books end in happy endings.
 I would recommend this series to all that read Paranormal Romance, its a lighter, easy to read series, that will have you investing your time to continue on to each story, but doesn't feel forced or overwhelming.   **I am currently on book #9 Deeper Than Midnight

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