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.#Review The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond @thepioneerwoman

Having always been a fan of autobiographies, cooking, and Ree Drummond, this book was a must for me to read and I'm glad I did! So although this isn't my usual reading/reviewing type or style on this blog, I hope you enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to reading more of a mix of genres. I'm feeling the need to change my blogging name very soon! Enjoy!

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

*Borrowed from Library*

"New York Times"-bestselling author and accidental ranch wife Drummond shares her real-life storybook romance, set on a historic Oklahoma cattle ranch.

If your a fan of Ree Drummond's, The Pioneer Woman's blog or television show on the food network, like me, or a book lover of romance with comedy sprinkled in, then this may be a book that you will enjoy. Quirky, fun, and funny, Ree will have you right from the first pages!

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is an autobiography written by Ree, about her relationship and "love story" with her hubby, the "Marlboro Man".  Funny, and romantic this story has all the elements of a great romance and how two people coming from different backgrounds find and fall for one another, and all the ups and downs in between.

Ree is a "city girl" although her "city" is small, she finds the need to branch out and explore the exciting life of living in Los Angeles. She loves the new life she has away from Oklahoma. The culture and lifestyle is something that fits her, loving the diversity and pop culture of fine dining, fine clothes, and "perfect" boyfriend she finds life to be easy, breezy, until one day she "wakes up" and decides she needs to get away from her grand lifestyle and figure out if this is what she truly desires.

So, what's a girl from the Midwest to do, you ask? Well, go back home and evaluate her life in the "quiet" of Oklahoma. She leaves her life in LA behind as well as the gorgeous bf she has, telling him she needs a sabbatical of sorts. What Ree finds is a comfort in OK, a comfort that fits although in her mind there is always a longing to live that LA lifestyle. Back home she settles into her parents home, and has big decisions to make.

Decisions that have suddenly become even more obscured now that she has met "The Marlboro Man" aka Ladd. Ladd is 110% cowboy, right down to his boots, and has Ree feeling swoony, over this hunk of a man. Ladd is quiet, hard working and has a very soft spot for Ree. Their relationship grows slowly and even though Ree has surfer, LA boy in the wings, even though she really made the decision to leave him when she left LA, she still hasn't been 100%  honest with him, having the fear of hurting him, but when surfer boy comes out to see her she lays it all out for him and decides that being upfront with him is the only way for him to finally "get" that their relationship is through.

What unfolds after is Ladd and Ree's relationship slowly growing into a beautiful romance, with reservations from her, over the fact that Ladd is country all the way and there is no high society lifestyle in his neck of the woods. She grows and learns that maybe there is more to eating fancy and living the "high life".

Ree is funny and fun, in this book. Sharing her feelings and reservations of living in the "boonies" and how she adjusts. There are parts that had me lol, like when she talks about her sweating problem, and how she tries to solve sopping up her sweat with toilet tissue, and freaking out over her embarrassing problem. She had me in stitches! The romance between Ree and Ladd was a beautiful love story, and I enjoyed reading every part of this book, from their first meeting to their life after marriage and all the funny and not so funny parts in between, and how Ree slowly tries to adjust to farm life, and grows into her new life of having to work harder then she ever has.

If your looking for a well written "true" romance with funny parts thrown in the mix, as well as the quirkiness of the narrator's "voice" that will have you enjoying this less than perfect blogging and television star, look no further then with Ree Drummond. She sounds like great fun, and she is easy to relate to in 
this book. Ree absorbs you into her world with her infectious written voice, and had me loving every part of this book, and she has me looking at cowboys a little different now, sexy! ;)

4/5 fun loving stars!


  1. I've heard of her, but since I avoid cooking I don't know much about the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks or blog. Just as a romance story, this sounds sweet and fun though, so as an autobiography it would be even more fun.

    I had to go look up her website after reading your review and if that's a real picture of her Marlboro Man, he's a cutie!

  2. I used to love reading autobiographies, but never do anymore. I'm glad you liked this!

  3. Outstanding review and I laughed because when I first saw the post and pic I scrolled back up to make sure I had the right blog..hahaha!

  4. I have this copy in my nightstand drawer, I won it from Felicia last year and I was dying to read it. I started reading Ree's blog back in 2010 and I read her story when she had it posted in parts on her blog. I thought it was lots of fun, I would like to reread it and get more info.

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