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.Blog Tour: #Giveaway Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley

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Nearly Broken 
by Devon Ashley 
Release Date: 06/04/13 
Summary from Goodreads: 
We’d both gone missing at one point, but Claire had one thing I didn’t. Someone to notice. So why was I the one still here and she the one still gone? 
Nineteen year old Megan Smith has spent the past year working in a small town diner in the middle of nowhere. Life is quiet, simple, safe. Then comes the news that her look-a-like has gone missing. 
Still damaged both physically and mentally, Megan's not looking to be noticed. Wherever she goes from here, it's a road she needs to take alone. But when Nickolas Ellis takes the job as the new nightshift cook, it scares her how easily her defenses crumble down, down, down for him. But there are secrets she can't bear to share with just anyone, unspeakable acts that continue to haunt, and when the similarities of Claire’s abduction couples with the fear of an unwanted visitor in town, the urge to run before it all happens again intensifies, threatening the only happiness Megan's ever found. 
New Adult Romantic Suspense / Realistic Fiction 
Recommended for 17+ for mature and disturbing situations, language and sexual content.

Dream Cast 


Megan: Odette Yustman 
It wasn’t easy coming up with an actual actress when it comes to Megan Smith. If you’ve read Nearly Broken, you know exactly all the horrors this poor girl goes through, and to put a real face to that pain isn’t an easy feat. Megan is beautiful but tries to hide it. Kind but guarded. Courageous but scared out of her mind. She would face her worst nightmare to save her love. She’s so damaged it’s a wonder she’s still functioning, and you can’t help but feel her every emotion as she tries to put the jagged pieces of her life back together again. We’re all envious of her courage but not her circumstances. 
As for choosing a face for Megan, I see a dolled-down version of Odette Yustman (Cloverfield), just like you see in the picture above. 
Nick: Stephen Amell 
Nickolas Ellis is everything a girl wants in a man. Strong, determined, protective and a provider. The lengths he’ll go to shield her is unfathomable, and given the life she’s led, Megan deserves no less. He’s gentle with each fork in the road and knows when to give Megan a little push in the right direction, easing his way into her life, knocking down every barrier she’s constructed until she lets him in all the way. Nick is truly swoon-worthy, and gets a 10 in the boyfriend department.   
Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) isn’t the first guy I see in my head for this role (that actually belongs to Scott Foley – a younger version similar to his days on Felicity), but since I’m looking for someone a little more young and current, Stephen runs a close second.

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About the Author 

Devon Ashley was born in Huntington Beach but has spent most of her life residing in Texas. She spends a great deal of her time taking care of her husband and son but always seems to find time to write, knit and create unique decorative pieces. She particularly likes to write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. 
Interesting Fact: Devon Ashley shares her birthday with her favorite author, Jane Austen.

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  1. Ohmygosh! Those are great picks for Megan and Nick. I really, really liked Nearly Broken. Thanks so much for sharing!