Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Hunger Like No Other ~Kresley Cole * Review ★★★★


Lachlain is King of the Lykae. He is tortured for over 150 yrs. by his worst enemy, vampires. He manages to escape his imprisonment, only after scenting his mate far above the earth. He will stop at nothing to "claim" her as his, even though she is an enemy to his kind.
Emmaline is part vampire, part valkyrie. She is in Paris searching for her family roots. She is very naive and has lived a sheltered life from the rest of the world. She had been living with her Aunts, other Valkrie who have trained her and kept her hidden from the world, since infancy.
Lachlain must claim her by the next full moon, but Emma wants nothing to do with him, or his kind. He forces her to drive him to his castle, and along the way he must fight the beast within him, to claim her as his own. Sexual tension builds up within him, and he must do everything he can to withhold himself from her.

Action heats up toward the end of this book, as Emma must overcome all her fears and become the fighter she was born to be. Vampire's seek her out, as she is the last female of their kind. Will she uncover her past? Will Lachlain finally claim her as his mate? Will her Aunts rescue her in time and bring her back to the shelter of their coven?

*This book is filled with sexual tension and heat, from the start, but it has a good story behind it, and I felt the ending to be the best part of the whole book. I will continue on with this series, and will love to see more from these characters. I also would love to see more action from the newly formed bonds, as they fight their enemies.”   ★★★★


  1. Once I got into it, I really did like the main romance a lot. The main characters do change a lot, learning to become who they need to be in order to survive together. They make a lot of mistakes along the way, and there are struggles, but that makes their romance all the more special. If it weren't for the distractions of all the other characters I think I would have rated this book much higher.

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower! :) I love this book, well actually I love this author! All of her books are great. If I find a new book and can't get into it, I always go back to Kresley Cole.