Friday, January 20, 2012

Kindle Freebies ~Amazon

You don't have to have a Kindle to enjoy the freebies. Just download the free app on to your device and your good to go. No device? No problem, you can also download the app. to your computer. *Remember Amazon can pull these freebies at any time and raise the price up. Make sure the price to buy says 0.00

Not An Angel(A Poryria Vampire Novel Book#1) ~Dawn Chartier *Vamps, Paranormal, Erotica

Bound In Sin(A Vampire/Werewolf Romance) Cynthia Eden *Novella, Paranormal Romance, Vamps, Werewolves

Blood Like Poison:For The Love Of A Vampire(Book #1 Blood Like Poison Series) ~M. Leighton *Vamps, Pararomance, YA, Similar to Twilight

Blood Faire-Contemporay Urban Fantasy(Caledonia Fae Book #1) ~India Drummond *Paranormal, Fantasy

The Charm(Olivia Hart And The Gifted Program)~Alana Siegel *YA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Action/Adventure

Turned At Dark:A Bonus Shadow Falls Short Story ~C.C. Hunter *Vamps, YA, Ghost

Here Be Sexist Vampire ~Suzanne Wright *Vamps, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Erotica,

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