Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday A Darkness Strange & Lovely by @stdennard & Crown Of Midnight by @SJMaas

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This Wednesday I'm waiting on two young adult reads. Both are book #2's in a series and both of these authors happen to be beastie's, and I loved both of these authors books. 

My first pick is A Darkness Strange and Lovely. It is book #2 in the Something Strange and Deadly series. I read the first book in the series and really enjoyed the world-building and strong characters, especially Eleanor. See my review for SS&D  HERE

A Darkness Strange and Lovely
by Susan Dennard
Expected publication: July 23rd 2013 by HarperTeen 

A Darkness Strange and Lovely (Something Strange and Deadly, #2)

Following an all-out battle with the walking Dead, the Spirit Hunters have fled Philadelphia, leaving Eleanor alone to cope with the devastating aftermath. But there’s more trouble ahead—the evil necromancer Marcus has returned, and his diabolical advances have Eleanor escaping to Paris to seek the help of Joseph, Jie, and the infuriatingly handsome Daniel once again. When she arrives, however, she finds a whole new darkness lurking in this City of Light. As harrowing events unfold, Eleanor is forced to make a deadly decision that will mean life or death for everyone.

Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly, #1)

My second pick is Crown Of Midnight. One of my top picks for favorite YA books last year was Throne Of Glass. I love the whole series of novella's as well as TOG, so I'm highly anticipating this next installment to see our strong heroine, Celanea keep up with her rouse and fight as she always does, with strength and character! See my review for TOG HERE

Crown Of Midnight 
by Sarah J. Maas
Expected publication: August 27th 2013 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)
 An assassin’s loyalties are always in doubt.
But her heart never wavers

After a year of hard labor in the Salt Mines of Endovier, eighteen-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien has won the king's contest to become the new royal assassin. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown – a secret she hides from even her most intimate confidantes.
Keeping up the deadly charade—while pretending to do the king's bidding—will test her in frightening new ways, especially when she's given a task that could jeopardize everything she's come to care for. And there are far more dangerous forces gathering on the horizon -- forces that threaten to destroy her entire world, and will surely force Celaena to make a choice.

Where do the assassin’s loyalties lie, and who is she most willing to fight for?

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)


  1. Can't wait for Crown of Midnight! I need more of Celaena's badassery in my life.

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  2. These are both really great picks! I haven't started either series but I've heard nothing but good things about both. I own Throne of Glass but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Great picks!

  3. I haven't started either series yet... Though both have been on my TBR list for what seems like forever! Great picks! :)

  4. Oooh, I just picked up Something Strange an Deadly yesterday. :) These both sounds really good. Great picks.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's WoW

  5. I still need to start both of these series! I've been really curious about them :) Thanks for stopping by My WW!


  6. I want Crown as well. Hope you get to read it soon!
    Brandi at Blkosiner’s Book Blog]]

  7. OMG! What a beautiful cover on A Darkness Strange and Lovely!

  8. Crown of Midnight, ahhh! CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!
    The cover of A Darkness Strange and Lovely is absolutely gorgeous too.
    My WoW

  9. Two great picks. I'm excited to read Crown Of Midnight, I loved Throne of Glass, and thought it was amazing. I still need to read book one of the Something Strange and Deadly series. I know it sounds amazing.

    Kim at Book Swoon

  10. Wow! Those are both extremely gorgeous covers. Love them!

  11. Oh, I am really not a fan of YA. But The Throne of Glass series sounds really good, and the cover of that second book! Wowzers.

    As for the Something Strange and Darker series, is that steampunk? It has the look of it with those gears on the cover. And what a cover it is! Two such awesome, yet contrasting covers in 1 post. Very nice job!

  12. I have copies of the first book for both of these series but have not read yet! I need to get on that. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my post!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  13. Gah, DYING to read my copy of Throne of Glass >.< hope I can get to it soon because Crown of Midnight looks EPIC!! Oh and I love the cover for Darkness Strange and Lovely - awesome colours ♥ Thanks for sharing doll!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows