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.Book Covers: A love/hate addiction

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I'm a cover whore, I'll admit to it. I know what your all thinking don't judge a book by it's cover!! There are plenty of books that I've read that have been eyesores, to say the least but once I cracked the spine of these "uglies" the stories sprang to life and I was enthralled with the story and had nothing but love for them. Want some examples??

The cover to Slammed was kind of boring with bland colors (the old cover) The new cover is flashy and although I like it, I'm not in love with it
Sea Of Tranquility (the old cover) reminds me of the ocean, of lands far away, maybe even a mythological read. The newer cover fits the book perfectly, I love it!
AngelFall  (still hate this cover) Loved the story!

old cover                   new cover                   old cover                 new cover
Slammed (Slammed, #1)Slammed (Slammed, #1)  The Sea of TranquilityThe Sea of Tranquility

Current cover
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

I love the covers for Gena's Otherworld Assassin Series. The red and blue compliment each other, and I love those dresses!! The newest blue cover is so cool as her dress transforms into water.

Black and Blue by Gena Showalter
Series Otherworld assassin book 2
Expected publication: October 22nd 2013 by Pocket Books

Black and Blue (Otherworld Assassin, #2)He is every woman’s fantasy…Corbin Blue is a man of many talents. One of the most powerful otherworlders ever born, he is wealthy, a professional football star, and a legend in the bedroom. But only a select few know he is also a black ops agent…and there is no better killer. When he and his crew are attacked and separated, he’s forced to turn to his boss’s daughter for help—a woman with even more secrets than Blue.

She becomes his only obsession…

Evangaline Black has always been wary, guarded. No man has ever breeched her walls. Until Blue. He has never been denied something he wants, and now, he’s decided he wants her. As he sweeps her into his double life of seduction, intrigue, and danger, he helps her see beyond the darkness of her own past. But as an enemy closes in, Blue will have to let Evie go to keep her safe—even though he'd rather die than live without her…

Last Kiss Goodnight
Series Otherworld #1
Last Kiss Goodnight (Otherworld Assassin, #1)

I'm not a huge fan of the cover for Larissa's first book in the The Moonbound Clan Vampires series, but the guy on the cover has me swooning over his eyes, and the sneak peak of his abs.

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione
Series The Moonbound Clan Vampires #1
Expected publication: September 24th 2013 by Pocket Books

Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampires, #1)
The first installment in a sexy new paranormal romance series by Larissa Ione, author of the bestselling Demonica series!

Nicole Martin was only eight years old when the vampire slaves rose up in rebellion and killed her family. Now she devotes her life to finding a vaccine against vampirism, hoping to wipe out her memories—along with every bloodsucker on the planet. But there’s one thing she cannot destroy: her searing, undeniable attraction for the one man she should hate and fear the most . . .

A member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan, Riker is haunted by demons of his own. When he recognizes Nicole and remembers how her family enslaved his loved ones, his heart burns for vengeance. But when he kidnaps Nicole and holds her in a secret lair, his mortal enemy becomes his soul obsession, his greatest temptation, and, perhaps, his only salvation—a hot-blooded lover who could heal him with her touch . . . or bury him forever

Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series finally has a companion! Although, companions are usually not super popular, how can you not LOVE the cover for it? Sexy alpha-male with a blazing chest, and eyes, and check out the two swords he's carrying--bad ass!

The Midnight Breed Series Companion by Lara Adrian
Series: The Midnight Breed -Companion
Expected publication: June 26th 2013 by Lara Adrian, LLC            

The Midnight Breed Series CompanionPart human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind in secret for thousands of years . . . and now fans of the popular, best-selling Midnight Breed Series can delve deeper than ever before into this hidden, seductive race of vampires and the dark, thrilling universe they inhabit.

A book that's been years in the making, the Midnight Breed Series Companion includes insider info on all of the novels, author notes on the creation of the story world and how the eleven-book (and counting!) series has evolved since its beginning as a contracted trilogy, a complete character guide, series trivia, questions from readers and more.

This special series companion also includes "A Touch of Midnight"--an all-new, never-before-published, original novella featuring Gideon and Savannah, which finally reveals the story of how this reader favorite couple met and fell in love, and answers many questions that fans have been curious about since the series began

Lastly a cover that you will have you swooning....#TooHot! But be warned, the reviews for this have been coming in pretty low. So I should smack myself for buying it just based on the cover alone! I couldn't help it.....those abs, arms, the chain, and tats.....OMGosh.

Losing Me Finding You by C.M. Stunich
Published April 20th 2013 by Sarian Royal

Losing Me, Finding You (Triple M Trilogy, #1)
The strange and unique.....

Wooden book


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  2. Great post Lisa. I often judge books by they're cover too. And a lot of time can overlook a great book because of their cover.

  3. I'm totally a cover whore too. I don't always do it, but if a cover grabs me, I'm sucked in for buying. lol.

  4. I don't buy a book only for the cover but a cover will grab me and pull me in. Fun post :)

  5. Wow those Gina Showalter books are STUNNING ♥ I agree with you both for the new cover of Slammed AND The Sea of Tranquility but I actually really like the cover for Angelfall too! This was fun, thanks for sharing the pretties hehe :)