Friday, August 3, 2012

The Collector: Dante Walker Official Site - Password Access

Oh my, look who's passing by and making a brief appearance on my blog today!!!!
The wicked, but, oh so HOT Dante Walker!
 Never heard of him? Well lets find out a little more about this hottie. You can go visit him on his site, BUT, your going to need a password to get in! That's were I come in, see I managed to squeeze, ahem, I mean persuade him to share it with all of you! I already visited him, yesterday, and let me just say he is *swoonworthy*  Now, I just want to say before you visit him, remember, HE IS MINE, alright, I'll let you check him out, but HANDS OFF!!!!!!!  ;)

SECRET PASSWORD IS Charlie! Run, and go see my book bf, and say Hi, before I change my mind :p
Dante Walker Official Site

The Collector


  1. Awesome added this one to my list.

  2. Oh I can't wait to meet Dante, roll on March :)

  3. Oh man, I can't wait to read The Collector. Dante is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!