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Shadow of Wrath
L.W. Patricks
Series: Sins of the 7, #1
Publication: March 13, 2013
Genre: YA Dystopian

In the Arena, you're either a killer or a victim.

If survival meant murdering an innocent person in cold blood every week, could you do it? Are you able to stick the knife into your opponent's heart while they look at you with fear in their eyes? Life in the Arena turns everyone into sinners.

A homeless boy is kidnapped from the streets and finds himself imprisoned in a far more horrifying place: The Arena, a place where teenage boys fight to the death for the pleasure of various lowlifes.

The Arena is the brainchild of Ryker, an ex-convict addicted to alcohol, gladiatorial-esque combats, and money. When not devising new ways for boys to kill each other, he’s ruling his small empire with a ruthless fist, rewarding his guards with sex slaves and punishing those who oppose him with barbaric executions.

Renamed Dog, the boy from the street proves to be an excellent fighter and finds himself surviving week after week, but as he leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, the ghosts of slain boys haunt him and the violence threatens to wake a beast inside him.

Allegra, a slave girl in the Arena and a victim of Ryker's constant abuse, is his only key to salvation. She has lost everything already -- her family, her innocence, and her dignity -- while her will to live hangs on by a thin thread. Can she save Dog's humanity before she too succumbs to the horrors of the Arena?

Seeking to defy Ryker as Dog rises to power as his champion, the stage is set for something to give in this murderous world of young combatants.

A tale about survival, tragedy, and human perseverance, the Complete SHADOW OF WRATH is the first book in the Sins of the 7 series.


Ryker walked over to the porch and picked up a red jerry can and lugged it back and handed it to Dallas. Dog smelled the gasoline from where he stood.

"Dallas, would you mind doing the honours?"

"Pleasure boss," Dallas replied as he gripped the can by the handle and walked over to the screaming prisoner.

"God, don’t do this! Please don’t," he pleaded.

"Sorry, I’m not god, and even then I’m pretty sure he’s not too fond of your kind either," Dallas said as he started splashing the gasoline over the man.

"I’m sorry. I’m sorry," the man gasped in between sobs, but he was drowned out by the sloshing sounds of the gasoline thrown into his face. He spluttered and spat out the liquid from his mouth.

When Dallas was finished, Ryker reached into his pockets and pulled out a lighter.

"So Dog, this is my second gift for you tonight," Ryker said. "I will give you the freedom of choice. You can decide whether this man lives or dies. What will it be? Thumbs up or thumbs down?"

The man was reduced to an oily slobbering mess and Dog closed his eyes and tried to drown out the screams. He thought long and hard before replying to Ryker.

"If I told you to let the guy live, would you listen to me anyway?" he asked.

"I’m a man of my word," Ryker said.

And with those words, Dog made his decision. "Burn him."

Ryker howled and raised his hands to the star-filled sky. "Our champion has spoken. Thumbs down it is." Ryker flicked open the cap of the lighter, ignited it with his thumb, and tossed it at the gasoline-drenched man who screamed as if he were possessed.

"Ever watch a man burn?" Ryker asked. Dog shook his head and watched as the flames danced to the chorus of the pedophile’s inhumane shrieking.

"It’s quite gruesome. Their skin blisters and bursts just before it melts off," Ryker said. "It was disturbing the first time I saw it, but now, I find it quite entrancing."

Dog felt the heat from the fire and watched as the sizzling embers floated upwards into the sky. 

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L.W. Patricks is the author of SHADOW OF WRATH and the literary architect behind the upcoming Sins of the 7 series with his second book: AWAKE THE GHOSTS to be published late 2013.

His short fiction works has been published by Crow Toes Quarterly Magazine, Fiction and Verse literary magazine, and upcoming Denizens of the Dark. He enjoys writing contemporary fantasy with an emphasis on creating urban mythology for his stories.

Though he calls Toronto his home, L.W. Patricks has a passion for exploration and has travelled all over the world including Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia just to name a few. His diverse experience amongst other cultures provides inspiration for his stories.

He currently lives in Toronto with his wife where he enjoys the scorching summer days and the icy winter nights while masquerading as a Word Samurai. He claims to be the offspring of a typewriting chimp and a literary ninja.

You can visit him at his website at www.lwpatricks.com

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  1. This sounds like a crazy intense book. I'd love to read it, but I know I'd have some wild nightmares afterwards. Great excerpt.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you folks check it out =). Also a wonderful thanks for the wonderful host, PNR Urban Fantasy Reviews!