Thursday, February 28, 2013

.#REVIEW Four Houses by @VictoriaScottYA

Four Houses
Four Houses
by Victoria Scott
ebook, 20 pages
Published July 1st 2011 (first published June 26th 2011)

WHICH HOUSE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?The door in front of me is the ugliest shade of plum I've ever seen. It's a prune Grandma would eat, a raisin on its last leg, a swollen bruise in the most inconvenient of places.

The waiting is the worst part, wondering who will open the door. But this time the waiting is killing me, tearing me down piece by piece and devouring me with its insatiable jaws.

I bite my lip and raise my hand to knock.

In this eerie short story, a young girl faced with four choices must make a decision that will forever haunt her


An almost poetic charm, Victoria Scott proves to me she is a lyrical master!

Short Stories, you love em, you hate em. They can either pack a punch or bore you to tears. Not so within the pages of Four Houses. Four Houses packs a punch with only 20 short pages. A complete story turned inside out. I'm not going to go into the summary as much as I would love too, I won't spoil the riches of this book, for you. Just know that I'm impressed with the approach, originality, and artistic writing style of this book. My only gripe, I wish it was longer, because I enjoy books like this. 

 If this book is just a taste of Miss Scott's writing style, then sign me up to everything she writes! I'll be looking forward, even more so to; The Collector by Miss Scott!


Overhead, the sky spreads its dark wings in flight. A sprinkle of stars grants me sight, a small miracle on the most terrible of nights.  My heart thumps hard in my chest and terror pricks my skin with sweat


  1. How cool is this? I haven't heard of Four Houses, but I do like short stories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad that it could hit hard and show her writing style and originality in such a few pages.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. I had not heard of this, but it sounds really good!!

  4. WOW! Who wouldn't want to read this? I have not heard of it before, so I a glad that introduced me
    GREAT review
    I am a huge fan of short stories
    Your reader,

  5. ok..your review has teased me, twenty pages and its awesome, turned inside, i will need to get this just to find out!