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.Book Tour #Giveaway The Harvesting by @MelanieKarsak

The Harvesting (Book 1 of The Harvesting Series)
by Melanie Karsak
Published: Sept 18, 2012

“To label this a zombie book would be a false pretense . . . this is so much more than that. What you start out with and what you end up with are very different, and those twists and turns in the middle will make your heart beat faster over and over again.”– Colossal Pop

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up undead.

Though Layla reluctantly returns home to rural Hamletville after a desperate call from her psychic grandmother, she could never have anticipated the horror of what Grandma Petrovich has foreseen. The residents of Hamletville will need Layla’s help if they are to survive the zombie apocalypse that’s upon them. But that is not the only problem. With mankind silenced, it soon becomes apparent that we were never alone. As the beings living on the fringe seek to reclaim power, Layla must find a way to protect the ones she loves or all humanity may be lost.

Author Bio:

Melanie Karsak, steampunk connoisseur, white elephant collector, and caffeine junkie, resides in Florida with her husband and two children. Visit the author at her blog to learn more about upcoming projects, book signings, and other neato things. A Walking Dead fan, check out her blog for recaps!

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A well written fast-paced, action-induced read that will have you by the edge of your seat! Get ready for a wild ride and a Kick-a** heroine!

Layla receives a static, filled call from her psychic grandmother to return home asap.

"Layla, Grandma needs you to come home." "Come home now. Be here tomorrow!"

It seems the end of the world has arrived, in the form of an outbreak that turns people into zombies. Now Layla must return home and face this demise that has taken over her grandmother's hometown, and help save the residents before every last one of them becomes undead!

Dealing with this outbreak proves to test Layla, and her abilities as a psychic comes to light. Trying to survive this outbreak is daunting, to say the least, as we learn of other paranormal creatures, that have walked among the humans in secret. What is now even a more daunting task is learning whom to trust, As new alliance have formed, the action picks up full-force.  Layla must save the world and stop the zombies from taking over every last one of the humans, before it's too late.

Not being a huge fan of horror, I always manage to find noteworthy books that although, having horror elements, manage to tell an amazing story with note-worthy characters. The author will draw you in and have you turning pages right up until the end. She even manages to throw in romantic elements, and curve balls along the way. Fans of Paranormal, Horror, and of course Zombies will be excited to read this book, and continue with the series. Be warned though, some parts of this book will not be for the faint of heart. It does have it's share of gore!



  1. This sounds amazing! To this point in my reading life the only zombie lit I'd read was an old Robert E Howard short story. This one may be may way back in! Freaking love the swag bag too!

  2. Hmm... I'm intrigued. The only zombie book I've read is dearly, departed. Im hoping to branch out soon & change that.
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  3. This sounds SO GOOD :O I'm usually sick of Zombies, but this has me intrigued ^^ Thanks for the giveaway! Ps, your blog theme is gorgeous!

  4. I don't mind gore in my books :) I like them dark. LOVE the tag line for this book :) thanks for the chance

  5. I love a good horror book, and this sounds like something I would like. Great review. Glad you liked it. :)

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  6. Such a great sounding book! And an amazing giveaway to match...Thank you!
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  7. The darker the better and I am a HUGE horror fan as well as a Zombie fan! I need a good zombie read and I love the tag line for this book too!

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  12. Awesome prize pack. T-Shirt is definitely a bonus - would use it.

  13. Awesome prize! I need to read this book now!

  14. Comic book and sci fi fan here. Sounds interesting!

  15. This sounds like a great read! :)

  16. A fun prize - thanks for the opportunity.

  17. This sounds like an interesting book. The saying on the t-shirt made me laugh. My sister always likes to say, "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye-then it's just fun."
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