Thursday, October 18, 2012

.News You Can Use #1 10/18/12

I'm starting a new feature on the blog, News You Can Use.
I'll be posting news/events in the book world.
Information from Authors, Publishers, Blogger news, giveaways and anything else that may be helpful to you.
If your hosting an event and want to be part of the news post contact me, leave a comment below or e-mail me directly here pnrurbfantasyreview @

So, here goes! Enjoy!

Author news:

Kate Evangelista author of Taste and the upcoming Reaping Me Softly is having a contest on her blog. You can win some great prizes. Check it out HERE!

Jennifer Armentrout author of Obsidian(The Lux Series) and The Covenant series has a new website design and she just posted a special POV from Daemon from Obsidian(book 1 in the Lux series) Check it out HERE

 **Plus, some great news that I just found out if you live in New England, Jen will be visiting!!!!! YAY!! I can't wait for her visit to RI!!! Whoop!! My FIRST signing event!!!

Tour stops:
Tuesday November 6th, 2012
Burlington Barnes and Noble
Burlington, MA
Special Guest: Leigh Fallon author of Carrier of the Mark
Thursday November 8th, 2012
Barrington Books
Barrington, RI
Friday November 9th, 2012
Yale Bookstore
New Haven, CT
Special Guest: Kate Kaynak author of Minder
Saturday November 10th, 2012
The Voracious Reader
Larchmont, NY
Special Guest: Kristi Cook author of Haven and Mirage
Amalie Howard author of Bloodspell
I hope to see some of you guys!
This isn’t the only tour I’ll be going on this year. Remember the comment about checking out my blog on October 1st? There’s a very special contest coming. 
In the next year or so, I do plan on doing a bigger tour that covers most of the US, but right now, I have a lot of books to write (you will be hearing about one of those very, very soon), and need time to actually write them. Giggles. 

Publisher News:
Harlequin Teen just posted a sharing contest for The Iron Fey Series! For one week only team up on Twitter and Facebook to unlock Iron Fey Exclusives-HERE

When they reach 500 shares they will unlock the trailer
when they reach 5000 shares they will unlock three Iron Fey e-books for FREE!!! So whatcha' waiting for? Share the love!!




Blogger News:

Many of you already know Giselle from Xpresso Reads, right, but did you know she has branched out, into  two new great ideas. First she has started a Blog Design site. Not only will she design blogs, but she can freshen up your blog with new buttons, meme designs, event buttons and sooo much more. She is in the process of redesigning my blog, and I'm also seeing her for my 1500 follower giveaway event button and my upcoming blog anniversary button in Dec. What's so great about ordering the event buttons from her, you ask? Well, not only does she come up with a great design BUT, she offers FREE advertising on her amazing blog -Xpresso Reads, which offers great exposure, since she has a great following base. So plan an event, order your button from her for a low rate, and free advertise the event for up to a month on her blog-sounds like a win-win plan to me!
Her second venture is starting a book touring company! Whoa, she will be busy,  but I'm sure she will be able to handle it. You can check out her design site HERE and her Tour site HERE.

Xpresso Design   Xpresso Book Tours

I read a bunch of reviews every week, and some really blow me away or get me really excited to read a book, This week, I read a great review for Kresley Cole's ya debut, Poison Princess over at Bookish Brunette-aka-Zombie Queen- Check it out HERE.
The Bookish Brunette

Things are in full swing over at Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Things That Go Bump in the Night month long feature. With over 15 Giveaways and tons of reviews you won't want to miss it. Giveaways include, Mystic City, Ten, Velveteen, I Hunt Killers, and more. So swing on over and check out her reviews and giveaways- HERE 


Confessions of A Bookaholic and Life Bound By Books is having a month long event -Haunted Halloween which will have great giveaways, guest posts, and lots more! Today's giveaway and guest post -is a chance to win an ARC of Taken by Erin Bowman, enter HERE


Have you seen this new site, called Riffle? It's supposed to be similar to Pinterest, but for books. It is an app associated with your Facebook account.

Introducing Riffle. The app that's inspiring people
to discover great books and to read more.

After their preview of Riffle, Publisher's Weekly asked with anticipation:

"Could Riffle Be the Pinterest of Book Discovery?

Three things to know about Riffle:
  1. Riffle will give you direct access to your friends' favorite books and also connect you with passionate readers who make amazing recommendations. 
  2. Riffle will give you the insider view of what your favorite authors read and what books inspire them.
  3. Riffle is new, and being developed with care by a team who wishes to inspire you to enjoy great books and to read more.
Click here to get started.Warmest regards,
The Riffle Team

P.S.  Riffle is better with friends, so please feel free to share your Riffle invitation with your reading friends.

If your an Amazon customer or have purchased e-books from Amazon many of you may have received an e-mail stating that you are entitled to a refund from the top three publishing houses, for overcharging e-books(ha, you think?)

Dear Kindle Customer,

We have good news. You are entitled to a credit for some of your past e-book purchases as a result of legal settlements between several major e-book publishers and the Attorneys General of most U.S. states and territories, including yours. You do not need to do anything to receive this credit. We will contact you when the credit is applied to your account if the Court approves the settlements in February 2013.

Hachette, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster have settled an antitrust lawsuit about e-book prices. Under the proposed settlements, the publishers will provide funds for a credit that will be applied directly to your account. If the Court approves the settlements, the account credit will appear automatically and can be used to purchase Kindle books or print books. While we will not know the amount of your credit until the Court approves the settlements, the Attorneys General estimate that it will range from $0.30 to $1.32 for every eligible Kindle book that you purchased between April 2010 and May 2012. Alternatively, you may request a check in the amount of your credit by following the instructions included in the formal notice of the settlements, set forth below. You can learn more about the settlements here:

In addition to the account credit, the settlements impose limitations on the publishers’ ability to set e-book prices. We think these settlements are a big win for customers and look forward to lowering prices on more Kindle books in the future.

Thank you for being a Kindle customer.

The Amazon Kindle Team

Amazon Freebies:

Click on covers for direct links



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