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Interview: Katie Jennings Author of The Dryad Quartet Series

Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2)Breath of Air (Dryad Quartet #1)


Of Water and Madness (Dryad Quartet #4)                                                                                        

A Life Earthbound (Dryad Quartet #3)


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1) Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a mid-twenty-something year old girl with an imagination for days and a supportive husband who thinks I’m a colossal nerd. I write because I love it, and because breathing life into characters is the greatest escape I’ve ever found. Most of my time is spent puttering around online, editing my latest book, or feeding people food to my cat. I live just north of Los Angeles, and enjoy reading fantasy and romance novels, watching Once Upon a Time, playing around on Photoshop, and finding new music to fall in love with. I believe in, above all else, happy endings.

2) When did you decide to start writing, and how did you come up with the idea for your books?

I started writing as a hobby when I was thirteen or fourteen, but The Dryad Quartet is the first full book series I’ve written. 

I began formulating my ideas for the Dryad Quartet with the basic premise that I knew I wanted to write about people who could control the elements.  I knew I wanted specific characters for each element, Air, Fire, Earth and Water, and that they would be responsible for maintaining the balance of our planet.  From there I started researching into mythology and took much of my inspiration from that, utilizing characters such as Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Muses, the Fates, etc.  I brought them all together and then decided I wanted the entire series to be set in modern times, in our own world, essentially.  I myself prefer fantasy that is relatable that way; with places and people that we ourselves can understand but is made extraordinary by the fantasy element in the story.  So while the characters themselves may live in a fictional land, Euphora, they still interact with our world.

3) Explain to my readers what your books are about, and why we would enjoy reading them?

The Dryad Quartet is a contemporary fantasy series revolving around the fictional land of Euphora, where beings inspired by Greek mythology exist to preserve the balance of nature and human life, and to protect the living from the evil residing in the Underworld.  Take a journey into a world where Mother Earth and Father Sky exist, secretly hidden from human awareness, and yet crucial to the creation and stability of our world.  They are joined by those who control the elements, the Dryads, as well as the Fates, Muses, and Furies, all of whom play an integral role in preserving Earth and guarding those who inhabit it.

The books are geared toward readers who love fantasy, romance, adventure, mystery, and Young Adult books.

4) As an author, what would you say is the most difficult part of writing promoting or writing?

 The most difficult part, without a doubt, is marketing.  Writing comes naturally; it’s a fun and exhilarating experience for me.  But when I got into this I didn’t know the first thing about marketing or how to promote myself.  I tried to research it a little bit, but I really jumped in feet first hoping I could somehow make it all work out.  Let’s just say I’ve learned A LOT in the last few months since I released my first book.  And really, I’m still learning.  I think every author who chooses to self-publish goes down this road of trial and error, joy and heartache.  It’s a never-ending battle to fight to stay above water.  But, I would be lying to myself if I didn’t say that it was all so worth it, especially when fans contact me and tell me how much they love the books.  It’s what keeps me going.

5) What has been your inspiration, when it comes to writing?

People are my inspiration, without a doubt.  I love delving into different personality types and exploring traits and flaws and quirks.  I refer to my astrology handbook frequently when brainstorming for a story, and try and make my characters feel real and personable.  I love characters that are the furthest thing from perfect, and strive to accomplish that in each book I write.

Other than that, music is another big inspiration.  My newest book that I will be releasing in August (unrelated to the Dryad Quartet) was completely inspired and based upon one of my all time favorite songs.  I took what the song meant to me and built an entire story around it, and then found other songs to supplement my emotions about the characters I had created.  Adele and Florence and the Machine are huge inspirations to me, as well as Jason Mraz, Fleetwood Mac, and Elton John.

6) Favorite books read, so far this yr?

I had the pleasure of reading this EXCELLENT book series called The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  My friend forced them on me, but I’m so glad he did.  They are about a professional Wizard living in Chicago who deals with paranormal events, vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc.  Not only are the books hilariously funny at times, they are also disturbingly scary, which is a unique blend I have never read before.  The main character, Harry Dresden, is one of the best literary characters I have ever read about.  He’s witty, sarcastic, chivalrous, daring, and oh so nerdy, and I just fell in love with him from the very start.

7) What is your latest project?

I just recently finished and am editing a family dynasty fiction novel. It is about a prestigious hotel family; an American empire that has its roots in the Industrial Revolution and its home in the posh Upper East Side of New York City. But the family’s past comes back to haunt the newest generation as their great grandfather’s suicide from nearly sixty years earlier is suddenly discovered to have been murder. Throw in a lot of hidden motives, lies, more murder, and a complex cast of characters that weave together to form the great Vasser hotel family. It’s a bit darker and more adult than the Quartet books, and runs more along the vein of a romantic/mystery/thriller novel.

 Thanks for stopping by my blog, Katie, It was a pleasure learning about you and your series. Much success to you!

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  1. Thanks for featuring me and my books! :)

  2. What a great interview! Breath of Air is a delight and the book trailer for When Empires Fall is magnificent! Katie, you are amazing! Very impressed with your skills at not only writing, but also the cover designs you do and the book trailers. You are extremely talented and we know you are going to go far! Best of luck to you with everything!

  3. I adore Butcher two, your novels sound interesting Katie. Thanks for sharing. Great interview :)

  4. I'm sorry I missed this interview when it posted, but I am looking forward to readng the books. Best of luck with them, Katie!