Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: My thoughts on Beyond Your Blog

Armchairbea post today is all about going beyond your blog.
Has blogging opened up opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise? Today, we'd like you to talk about those opportunities in you own posts. Don't forget to check out more great post on this subject here

Now, I didn't participate in the "Networking In Real Life" post yesterday, because I honestly never thought of networking in real life! I visited a bunch of sites and learned quite a bit about networking outside my blog. Today's topic is another one that I really have no experience with. Being, that I've only been blogging for almost six months I really can't contribute on this subject from an experienced bloggers stand point. So I'll be sharing a little about the subject and my thoughts, from a newbie. 
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.

Since day one of blogging, I've always had one thing in mind and that is, blogging for me needs to be fun and all about enjoying what I'm doing. I never got into blogging to make money, or win popularity contests. I got into blogging for the books and sharing my thoughts with a larger audience. I wanted to interact with authors and share my praise for their books. I wanted to share my love for the great books that I've read, or sometimes not so great books.

I'll be honest and say that I also got into blogging for the perks. I wanted to get free books and arcs because I wanted to to share the buzz over these new upcoming books. But, let me tell you it has meant more to me than all of that. Its been about meeting great people, fellow bloggers, and authors, all around the world. 
Being able to help authors share their books is something I love doing, letting them have a voice on my blog, and getting the word out about their books. I am honored to feature authors on my blog and I do it all for free. I do participate in the Amazon Associate program but I only got into that program to be able to advertise the authors books, and advertise freebie books. I don't make any money from advertising free books.
It's a great program, and the little money I do make from the program is put back into my blog, as giveaways for Amazon products.

Since, I'm still fairly new to the blogging community and haven't really thought about "beyond my blog", I'll just say I'm thankful for all the great opportunities that have come my way.
 Maybe someday I'll go "beyond my blog", but for right now I'm just happy setting the little goals I have for my blog and being able to achieve those goals in a short amount of time, has been great, so far.
 Maybe, by next year's Bea, I will be sharing even more "beyond my blog" ideas with you.
Thanks again, for letting me be a part of Armchairbea 2012 and sharing my thoughts with all of you!



  1. Good luck on continuing to achieve your goals. The perks are fun, but you're right, so is meeting people and making connections.

  2. Oh, Lisa!! :) I love your post!! :) I met, too, a LOT of awesome and great people!! You're definitely one of them! :) Enjoy! And see you at the twitter party in an hour!! So excited!! :D

  3. Hi, great post, have to agree with you that blogging has to be fun. :)