Friday, August 2, 2013

.Freebies, Deals & Steals #Kindle

Happy Friday, everyone!!! There are some pretty great deals currently going on for the low price of .99. 

The Opportunist a must read is still only .99!  LOVED!
Rock Chick  =Great Deal I really need to start this series ASAP
Kaleb one that has been on my wishlist finally dropped in price, YAY!
Shark Bait is currently on sale again for .99 I enjoyed this read it brought me back to my teens.
Accidentaly On Purpose has a great rating and I look forward to reading it
Emerge is new to me and looks really awesome! Reviews have been positive and have some swooning over the hot BBF comparing him to Kellan Kyle(Thoughtless series) in the best BBF catagory 0.0 You know Kellan is my top BBF, so this book is a no brainer I one clicked this puppy super fast! 

  <---Just in case you forgot who KK is. *Swoon*

Happy Shopping!!
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  1. You little temptress, you! I am getting Escaping Reality and Rock Chick! Thanks for putting these up, Happy Friday, Lisa!

    1. LOL, I know How can u resist though?? So many awesome deals at such great prices!! ENJOY! Hapve a great weekend!!!

  2. So many great deals! Rock Chick has turned into my favorite series. You should definitely give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  3. Ooo shopping time, I love all the covers with smooching!