Tuesday, September 18, 2012

.Book Tour: Review- Dancing With Death by Andrea H

Murders have plagued the woods in the past, making them a place of fear. Eighteen year old Wendy and her friends become worried when a new string of murders come to their high school. After a horrible car accident, Wendy returns to school, going from wallflower to popular overnight. As the murderer edges closer to Wendy she realizes things are changing. She is afflicted with nightmares that are all too real and she herself is undergoing unnatural changes. Learning the truth about her past, could be the key to saving her future.

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High School senior, Wendy is in a near fatal car accident right in the middle of the woods, the same woods where murders have been occurring. Coincidental or not? Wendy's life is forever changed. Having gone from being unpopular to popular overnight, with not one, but two new guys in her life, that she really has a hard time deciding over which one she wants to be with.
Strange dreams and nightmares, start to plague Wendy. Dreams of Wendy's foreseen death, but could the dreams she is having help her or hurt her in the end, is something that you will need to see for yourself...

I found Wendy's character to be somewhat annoying at times, having wondering what she will be wearing to be more important than what's actually going on around her. She also has trouble deciding between the two "love interest" in this story and we find her jumping back and forth with make-out sessions, that tend to be a little on the mature side of YA genre.
 We find out the reasons why she did the things she did,  as the mystery unfolds, your left with wondering which of the two "love interest" is truly good, and which is the bad guy. 
With Death haunting her at night and these two guys vying for her attention we slowly learn how the paranormal aspect falls into place. Overall this book was a good read, but I did have issues with the writing style and how too much emphasis was spent on wondering what she will wear, look like etc.

3/5 Stars


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  1. Yours is the second review I've read that mentioned the MC's focus on clothes, etc, instead of what's happening around her. That is a big deal for me when reading a book. I am glad you enjoyed it, despite the things that bothered you. Nice review!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to host and review my book! I really appreciate it:)

  3. Hmmm..well funny about the clothes, I read another book recently that named the designer and everything..oh well I am not a fashionista. Sorry the main character annoyed you, but glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Very nice review and I think I'd really enjoy reading Dancing With Death - the synopsis sounds like creepy fun!! <3
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  5. I'm glad you managed to somewhat enjoy this. It became a dnf for me. I actually didn't get too far in because the writing style just wasn't appealing at all. And I know the clothes thing would have driven me mad even if I'd managed to get around that. Great review hun :)